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The Collective

It is a space where international artists from all over Europe come together to bring tattoo innovation to Barcelona.

Avantgarde has a referent tattooist of innovation in Europe who travels around the map selecting the artists who are breaking the tattoo moulds and bringing them to Barcelona.

Abel Miranda


From Vigo, Based in Barcelona

A tattoo artist who has made himself in his style; psychedelic colors, cubist shapes, strokes and Abstract elements, and an ingenious use of organic textures turn their compositions into an explosion on the skin.

Unique designs and a lot of dedication means that there aren’t two equal tattoos, each one has the influence of client that will take it, and the creativity that this one transmits to Abel.

Forms that adapt to the anatomy of each body
in a particular way, it is the basic principle on which his works are governed, therefore, all his tattoos are projected directly on the skin, taking each curve and each body shape, improving it and enhancing its beauty in the best way.

Dynamic but elegant, powerful but subtle, never indifferent.

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Influenced by Chicano tattooing and graffiti Lettering tattoo artist in various styles of calligraphy both in fine line and in complex compositions of lettering. Chicano style, dark letters, graffiti style, script among others. resulting in unique pieces of calligraphy! And custom

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Carlos Moreno


A pesar de tener experiencia en varios estilos, Carlos se ha especializado en las sombras y realismo. La finalidad de su trabajo es materializar las ideas de los clientes, aportando siempre su toque personal.

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Elisabetta Bentivogli


As in my paintings, also in tattoos, I use intense colors and fine brushstrokes, full of character that shape images with strong visual impact. My favorite subject is nature in all its forms, contrasts, shades and colors. My tattoos are the mirror of the emotions of the person who wears them, they tell their message, that they are dressed with the elegance of a suit made by a tailor. I am excited to see in the eyes of my clients the set of sensations that alternate during creation of a project, to the joy that comes off their face when they see their idea first on paper and then on the skin . Each client who sees one of my tattoos carries a part of me and my way of being, thanks to the tattoo I can express myself in my many facets. My job is that each of the tattoos is a unique and personal work. I love doing covers because they give me the opportunity to help people write a new one. page of her life dressing her new skin and her new emotions.

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Laia Movellan


Empezó su carrera artistica estudiando ilustración y eso le llevó al mundo del tatuaje. Estilo ilustrativo en blanco y negro, especializada en linea fina y diseños minimalistas. Los elementos más representativos de su estilo son diseños florales, animales, figuras de un solo trazo y puntillismo.

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My Little Artist


Influenciada por el tattoo tradicional y el old school, enfoco mi estilo mas cuqui y anime a tatuar diseños muy coloridos y llenos de vida y alegria. Una buena mezcla entre la linea gruesa, detalles finos y color vivo

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Nitu Flavius


Flavius is 27 years old, from Romania, and started tattooing more than 10 years ago. He began by crafting his own tattoo machine and practicing on himself and on friends. His portfolio is mostly based on color realism but he also enjoys doing black and grey tattoos. Personally, he thinks tattooing is the best job he could have ever asked for, as it gives him the opportunity and the freedom to express himself through his work and art. He's a super enthusiastic and energetic guy who loves to travel and is always happy to meet new people and make some magic happen!

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January 1 - May 12

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.Miguel Wom

January 1 - January 1

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January 1 - December 9

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