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We are not only looking to make a drawing on your skin. We want you to wear a work of art on your body.

Quality on your skin, which represents who you are, a tattoo that shows your strength and personality, your experiences, beliefs, your marked character or your weaknesses.

Our latest pieces

Creativity, innovation, and a spirit of artistic improvement in everything we do. Always surrounding ourselves with the international fashionable tattooists of the moment. Quality at your fingertips

The work of our best tattooists

At Avantgarde we have the best International artists. True geniuses with the ink.

A space that receives tattoo artists from all over the world to bring tattoo innovation from anywhere on the map to Barcelona.


If you are passionate about tattoos, if you are looking for something new, if you like art, or if you wonder what this collective of tattoo artists in Barcelona that comes from all over the world can offer, Avantgarde has something for you.

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Guest artist

June 2022

The GUEST are invited artists who live in other countries and visit the studio from time to time to bring their art so that you have the opportunity to book with them without leaving Barcelona.


Every month we choose new guest artists who stand out in their style so that the variety and quality is constant at Avantgarde.

The Avantgarde technique, a tattoo style

Abel Miranda offers a different, more exclusive and completely renovating perspective that breaks the traditional molds and opens new doors to more polished and personal styles.


Innovation and recycling are two of the key ingredients for the creation of a new technique such as the Avantgarde technique, born from Abel Miranda’s incessant search to find something different, and inspired by a hodgepodge of different styles from which has been extracting colors, geometries and perspectives, giving rise to combinations with which he has been recognized worldwide for the complexity and cleanliness of his impossible compositions.

What style of tattoo suits you the most?

At Avantgarde Tattoo each of our tattooists has their own style, tattoo styles are usually classified according to artistic currents. What style do you like? Find out knowing everything about each of the possible styles in the tattoo.

Art in its purest form, tattoo in Barcelona

Do you want to be informed at all times of the invited artists that pass through Avantgarde Tattoo?

Do not miss the latest news and the best tattoos of the moment, in our blog dedicated to tattoos you will find everything you need to know in reference to the most cosmopolitan tattoo in Barcelona.

Follow-up on tattoo healing

At Avantgarde Tattoo we care from the moment we start to make the tattoo until the end of the healing process. That is why we will monitor its status, advising you on the best creams and the best possible care so that it does not spoil.

Cómo hay que curar un tatuaje infectado

What is the process ?

You provide us with the idea you have in mind.
We make a sketch after paying a reservation and we give you a price.
We started tattooing.

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