The lettering tattoo is becoming one of the most requested alternatives in recent years, and it is not only an original and very versatile tattoo, but it also allows amazing combinations, giving rise to unique creations with the particularity having been completely personalized based on the needs in each case.

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What is lettering tattoo

The technique used to make tattoos with letters, words or sets of words with different spellings is known as tattoo lettering.

In this type of tattoo, priority is given to each and every one of the letters, trying to find maximum beauty in them and carefully studying each of the strokes.

Although the possibilities are immense, we must keep in mind that when making a lettering tattoo in BarcelonaWhat the professional will try to do is combine this beauty with legibility, that is, the goal is for the tattoo to be legible and in this way be able to better express the meaning.

In any case, a tattoo lettering cannot be considered one that has not been developed with beauty and with an artistic touch, that is, a simple text, a letter or a word does not have to fit within this. tattoo style in Barcelona.

For this reason, to be considered lettering, this tattoo must have been done in an artistic and completely personalized way, combining or not other alternative elements.

The origin of the lettering technique in tattoos

It is from the 70s when tattoo lettering begins to become popular, especially in the United States, especially in the Los Angeles area. Although at first they were tattoos exclusively with letters, words or complete texts, little by little they evolved and were combined with images not only to provide greater beauty, but to achieve a unique touch of exclusivity. At first, the ink used for this type of tattoo was black, making it a direct and simple tattoo, but this has also evolved and it is increasingly common to find lettering tattoos with different colors and shades. New techniques, tools and inks make it much easier to create new lettering tattoos that are completely different and provoke much more personal sensations.

Types of tattoos with lettering

We can differentiate between three types of tattoos with lettering in Barcelona depending on the design:

Tattoos with letters, words or phrases

It is the most traditional type of lettering tattoo, and is simply made up of letters (generally initials), words or even complete phrases. It does not include images or other types of details, so it focuses on the design of each letter, and can use one or more colors.

Tattoos with letters and images

They are generally simple tattoos of small size, capable of adapting to practically any part of the body. These tattoos represent letters that are generally initials, so that they allow the secrecy of their meaning to be kept to a certain extent, but at the same time, they also combine with other drawings, details or complete images.

Tattoos with phrases and images

It would be something very similar to the tattoo with letters but, on this occasion, instead of letters we would use phrases with complete content. They are lighter tattoos, but they also usually require more space to create them. When combining phrases and images, it is very important to give more representativeness to the words than to the details, thus preventing them from being dissolved or losing relevance.

Tattoo lettering reve

Reasons why you should get a tattoo lettering


There are different reasons why more and more people decide to have a tattoo lettering in Barcelona, among which the following stand out:

  • Motivation: motivational phrases are one of the main reasons why many people decide to get this type of tattoo, so that they can always have at hand that phrase that motivates them or helps them move forward, overcoming difficulties and even coping to those that belong to the past but have been causing us pain or problems in the present.
  • Memory: It is also frequently used to remember something or someone who has been important in our lives. This is a type of emotional lettering tattoo which is usually done more with the heart than with the mind.
  • Sensations: Another use of these tattoos is to transmit sensations to those people who read them. It is an attempt to offer something positive not only to the wearer, but also to all the people around him.

However, as with any type of tattoo, the reasons why each person chooses a tattoo are something very personal, and because of that, it is easier to give rise to the birth of new artistic and original creations.

Does it take longer to get a lettering tattoo in Barcelona?

El time needed to make a lettering tattoo in Barcelona It will depend a lot on the type of design we have chosen.

If you choose just one letter, it will be a much faster tattoo than if we want to introduce phrases with other drawings, details or images.

In any case, they do not usually involve extra time in relation to other types of tattoos that also require a good level of detail, but it is very important that you put yourself in the hands of an expert tattoo artist with experience in this technique to have complete confidence that the result will be outstanding.

Tips for a safe and quality tattoo

Before tattoo lettering in Barcelona, it is important that you take into account the recommendations that we are going to detail below to have maximum security and peace of mind:

  • Go to a trusted center that gives you security and peace of mind.

  • Make sure you put yourself in the hands of a professional tattoo artist in Barcelona, since it will depend on it not only that the tattoo looks better, but also that it is carried out with maximum safety.

  • Never undergo a tattoo unless you have clear all your doubts. In case you keep any, you will be free to consult with your tattoo artist.

  • It is very important that you take into account all of your tattoo artist's recommendations both before, during and after the process, since in this way you will avoid problems such as small infections, in addition to ensuring that the tattoo will heal well and will remain. perfect, without imperfections due to poor care.

  • Study the design of the final tattoo well, let yourself be advised by the tattoo artist and contribute your ideas until you find the one. lettering tattoo of your dreams in Barcelona, since it is an artistic work that lasts many years, so it is very important that you have the guarantee that it is the type of work you are looking for.


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