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The importance of the sketch in the tattoo process

sketch tattoos

A tattoo is an artistic element that is characterized by the canvas we use for its representation, and as with any form of art, it is important to give rise to innovative, exclusive creations and, above all, that coincide with the interests of the person who comes. to offer his skin for work. In this sense it is very important to understand the importance of the sketch in the tattoo process, for which we are going to investigate a little more and thus know the particularities of these first strokes that will give rise to a new work of art.


What is a sketch?

El sketch, also known as note, Sketch, outline, sketch o blotter, is basically a test that is carried out using strokes to create an illusion about what the final work will be.

The objective of the sketch is to imply the final image, but without defining contours and details, but rather creating insinuations that would form the axis of the final result.

However, the truth is that the sketch can also be seen as a final work, for which it is important to add small details and contours that help to understand that it is not really an initial drawing, but rather a definitive work.

Why is the sketch so important in the tattoo process?

When getting a tattoo, it is very important that the tattoo artist and client agree on the final result.

This can sometimes involve many hours of work and effort, trying in this way for the tattoo artist to understand and manage to represent the ideas, sensations or objectives of the person who is going to be tattooed.

If, when designing a tattoo, complete drawings were made, the time necessary to find the perfect result could be excessive, especially when it comes to drawings with many details, large dimensions or those that have particular characteristics that make them especially complicated.

However, through the sketch, the tattoo artist can convey to the client the idea he has in mind, in addition to allowing the latter to contribute ideas and continue moving forward until he finds the perfect drawing.

In short, it is a very interesting way to save time and to give the client a foothold from which to work with better results, since it is possible to involve the person so that they understand the evolution of the work that is going to be represented on his skin, so that he can choose details that would go unnoticed if he were presented with the completely finished project.

In short, we can highlight three main advantages of the sketch in the tattoo process What are they:

  • Save time: It is undeniable that by staying with the sketch, a lot of time is saved, so that if the client wants to make substantial changes, hours will not have been lost with a drawing that in the end does not have the expected output.
  • save effort: For a tattoo artist it can be very frustrating to create new designs and see that it is not exactly what the client asks for, making it an invalidated effort and that can break that line so necessary to make your own creation that the person who likes it. is going to be tattooed.
  • Facilitates explanation: It is also very important to keep in mind that the visual nature of the sketches helps to explain much better what are the ideas that the artist has in his head, which will be more easily understood by the client, which means that You will be much closer to finding the perfect design for your next tattoo.