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Currently, some tribes have inherited this practice from yesteryear. Potok warriors carry a lip disc in their mouth and pierce their nasal septum with a tree leaf. New Guinea women put a fishbone through their nostrils and septum, while men wear fish teeth on their septum. Tinglit women pierce their bodies as a sign of the transition from puberty to maturity in every sense, but especially sexual.
In the East, only women were traditionally pierced in their ears from a young age for their entire lives. This custom was also transferred to Western culture. But nowadays, the possibility of having piercings in various parts of the body has been added for both sexes.
Many cultures around the world have used this practice in an ancestral way. Like the Eskimos who performed them on children when they became adults. The Mayans pierced their lips, nose and ears with jewelry. This practice exists among numerous populations in Africa, Asia and Oceania. Because in Western society it has become a fashion.
It is important to know how it is performed and above all to take precautions such as not taking aspirin or painkillers before the piercing, since these drugs affect blood clotting. And this can cause the hole to take time to heal. Make sure that the person performing the piercing wears new surgical-type gloves and has not touched anything that is not sterile material.
Take into account the materials that must be used such as Titanium.
Any other questions your Piercer @jp.piercing can help you.
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