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RESIDENT AT Avantgarde Tatto
Preferred styles: Blackwork, geometric, ornamental, dutwork and Nordic

Alice is an artist of Italian nationality, with more than five years of experience in the world of tattooing, specializing in ornamental style and blackwork.
His work has led him to tattoo in different places around the world such as Italy and the United Kingdom, where he spent 6 years living and working perfecting his style and technique.



RESIDENT AT Avantgarde Tatto


RESIDENT AT Avantgarde Tatto
Preferred styles: Blackwork, dutwork, illustration and fine-line

Graduated from the Art Institute in Italy and then from the Comic-Rome Illustration Academy.

My development as a graphic illustrator made me create various styles of tattoos such as focusing on Blackwork, Dotwork Geometry and Fine line, the latter as a development of a minimalist style.

Influenced by the trips I have made throughout my life, it helped me to be inspired by this world of art.



RESIDENT AT Avantgarde Tatto

TATTOO ARTISTS specializing in dotwork

pointillism in its purest form

Nowadays, tattoos are very popular, from the most discreet models to the most striking, there are many styles and dotwork tattoos are one of the most popular styles. Many years ago, people who wore tattoos were banned as tattoos were considered something exclusive to criminals, however today, that has remained in the past and the numerous styles that exist have managed to attract the attention of people of any age. and social position.

If you still don't know if dotwork is your thing, below we show you everything you need to know about this style.

What are dotwork tattoos?

Dotwork tattoos, as the name suggests, are a style of tattoos that work by creating designs using the pointillism technique, that is, they create endless points to form an image. This style is based on the same principle of shading which is formed based on the density of the points. In other words, it will be the density of the points that defines the image that is formed.

Dotwork tattoos are made using a dot technique with which the artist manages to offer incredible visual effects. Through the technique the artist will be able to recreate images or create shading. Dotwork is a technique that usually uses black for work, however for stippling (shading) some artists use inks in black, gray and even red.

The dotwork technique takes a lot of time to create a drawing, not only that, it requires great precision on the part of the artist since a dot in the wrong place can affect the result. Some of the artists who specialize in this technique usually opt for the manual pricking technique, leaving aside the traditional tattoo machine.

This occurs since in this way it is possible to guarantee greater precision. Although it takes much more time than using the machine, the results are significantly better.

History of dotwork tattoos

The history of dotwork tattoos is relatively recent compared to other tattoo artistic movements. It became known in Europe, specifically in the city of London, in the 90's, thanks to the now famous tattoo artist Xed Lehead, who started this movement by creating geometric figures with dots. This would be the beginning of a style that produces beautiful results in its pieces when worked correctly.

Characteristics of dotwork tattoos

  • It is generally a style that is used to represent ornamentation, that is, it is combined with ornamental tattoos.

  • The traditional dotwork style usually uses only two colors in its creations, black and red, some artists include gray.

  • They are best seen on a large scale; in smaller tattoos it is not possible to visualize the details that this style offers.

  • Dotwork tattoos are widely used to make bracelets, necklaces and ink bracelets.

  • When they are made with a fine contour needle, it is possible to obtain a drawing with many details.

  • One of the most impressive details of dotwork tattoos is that from a certain distance you can simply see a complete drawing, made up of shadows and midtones; However, when viewing the image up close it is possible to see every detail, that is, the numerous stitches that make up the image.

Questions about dotwork

  • What is the best place to get a dotwork tattoo

    There are some tattoos that look better in certain areas of the body, in the case of dotwork tattoos they look great in areas such as: the forearmplatforms, chestunder breasts (this location is very popular among women), in the cuello, on the back of the head (the dotwork style in combination with the mandala looks very good in this area)

  • What are the most requested dotwork tattoo models?

    The dotwork tattoo technique has great popularity today, which is why it is widely used to create the following drawings: geometric figures (from which Sergio everything), trimmings, for the elaboration of star shapes and is especially widely used in mandala tattoos.

    It is worth noting that this style is expanded in such a way that those who have specialized in the area have the ability to create practically any image using this technique as a basis for their drawings.

  • Do dotwork tattoos require special care?

    Although the creation of dotwork tattoos requires a different tattooing style, the care is the same, since the ink is introduced under the skin. The important thing is to keep the area well cared for and covered for the appropriate amount of time, which will allow it to heal correctly. You should not worry about any task other than what is common in these cases.

  • What is the best dotwork tattoo technique, by hand or by machine?

    Everything is up to the tattoo artist's taste, although previously the freehand tattoo It had a stigma because it was considered a prison method, the truth is that at the hands of a professional it is possible to obtain surprising and extremely detailed results.

    For their part, in the market, tattoo artists can use coil machines which allow the drawing to be carried out more quickly, is a safer method and makes it easier to create intricate details.

    The dotwork tattoos They are not for everyone, being a dot technique it can be considered a little more painful than another technique, however the results are excellent and cause a great visual effect when it is possible to appreciate the different details far and near the drawing. The precision required to carry out this style forces the interested party to look for a specialized tattoo artist with good references In this type of work, it is also important to mentally prepare for its duration, since more time is required to complete a design.

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