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DATES: Monday – Thursday 10.30-14.00/15.30-19.30
Total hours: 32 hours/4 days

The course will be taught by our resident artist Rubén Barbero. The objective is to introduce the student to the world of tattooing, one of the most in-demand sectors today. In our courses you will have the possibility of learning from the beginning all the knowledge necessary to perform tattoos, practicing on synthetic skin with the help of the teacher, to acquire the necessary confidence and ease.

The courses will have a maximum of six places, so that the teacher can carefully dedicate himself to each student and their doubts, also helping them in direct tests with the synthetic skin and advising best how to act at all times, starting with the drawing process.

Students will learn the necessary materials, calibration and types of machines, drawing concepts and how to prepare the workspace on the first day. The other three days will explain tattoo styles, based on lines, shadows and colors, with a first part of theory and a second of practice on synthetic skin.

At the end of the course there will also be a small workshop: the teacher will ask each student for a tattoo idea and will tattoo the most interesting one on the author of it, so the students will be able to see firsthand the practical application and development of a tattoo session. thus having the opportunity to acquire more knowledge from another point of view.

The total price of the course is €700 with a discount of €100 if registration is done in advance. The course will last four days, from Monday to Thursday from 10.30:14.00 a.m. to 15.30:19.30 p.m., with a rest break of one and a half hours, and then from 32:XNUMX p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m., for a total of XNUMX hours.

Each student will have to bring their own machine and power supply to the studio for the synthetic leather test, or let us know if they do not have a machine, so we can get it directly from us.

The students must show the teacher some drawings to see the level of technique they are starting with.

For any questions, contact us by email, Instagram or calling us directly!

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